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In an open society, which undergoes radical change, school can no longer keep its traditional role. For this reason, in our school, the 4th Senior High School of Volos,  we make every possible effort  so that the teaching and learning process is qualitative and reliable.

Focusing on a definitely learner-centred approach to teaching, without any social, financial, educational, religious, or cultural discriminations our school is based on the participation and contribution of all members of the school community. Our long-term goal is the establishment of a school where the mental and physical capabilities of students are simultaneously improved and their mental personality is cultivated. These aims can be achieved by enriching our teaching methods, through socialization and co-operation, by adopting a critical approach to studying while respecting history and tradition and by having as a guiding pointing of reference the contemporary demands of our country.

The 4th Senior High school of Volos is located in Neapolis, a residential area in the suburbs of Volos, which has shown  important financial development recently. Our students come from neighboring districts, such as Alikes, St. Stefanos, Sesklo and Dimini, areas of great historical and archaeological interest. It was founded 40 years ago. Several of our students succeed in the Panhellenic University Entrance exams and all our students who have graduated keep vivid memories of this school.

The 4th Senior High school of Volos is on the same building with the 4th Junior High School. The school facilities include a Sports Hall, an efficiently-equipped  computer laboratory, a Chemistry lab and a library.

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